Welcome to Victoria, British Columbia

24cc5feab0d3357efc6fdee1f7727a2e-origMetro population in Victoria is approaching almost 400,000. It is regarded to be the most English in ways and styles in North America. It has a lot of postcard pretty sights too. There has been improvement in the tourist pubs, stores and eateries into bohemian shops, which are brightly painted, coffee places and restaurants. Go around by foot, it is advised, or go biking. Victoria, British Columbia has more cycle routes than in any other Canadian city.


  • Introducing Victoria

Once you’ve gotten tired of pedaling around, there’s a park framed by a windswept seafront. You may want to try kayaking or whale watching.

Victoria is found on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria has become a community of choice given its temperate climate. It also possesses great natural beauty with a lot of recreational sites. boat-rentals-victoria-british-columbia-processedEconomic opportunities also abound.


  • Victoria is rich

Victoria has immense wealth in terms of natural and man-made riches. Take a look at the stunning heritage architecture, majestic ocean views and imposing mountain vistas.

It is what makes Victoria unique to its visitors and locals alike. The contrast of its heritage charm, backdrops which are scenic, and a contemporary city view is all for the enjoyment and memories. That’s what makes Victoria special.

It is this rare juxtaposition of heritage charm, scenic backdrop and modern city-scape that makes Victoria one of the most uniquely special places in Canada. Millions visit our city every year and enjoy the natural beauty, temperate climate and heritage charm Victoria offers its citizens every day.


  • Victoria in detail

One can have a leisure walk which is easy, free and fun way to discover the downtown area in its entirety. kayaking_with_kids_victoriaBe it from shops to the hotel to the museum, plan your itinerary by exploring pubs, the harborside, the coffeeshops and the fish-n-chips along the way.

Buses are managed by BC Transit forming part of the public transit network. A flat $2.50 is the regular fare.If you buy the bus tickets by 10, you get 1 free. Children aged 5 and below are free.

Transfers may be requested once fare is paid and are good for travelling reaching an hour and a half. The inclusion of double decker buses in the transit systems is found in Victoria, along with Toronto, Ottawa and Kelowna.


  • Of cars and bikes

Should you want to explore by driving on your own, that option is very much possible. Companies like Budget, Avis, Hertz and Enterprise may take your booking across seven different and various car rental locations.

Victoria has been known to be one of the most bike friendly cities in Canada. Owing it to the mild winters probably, one can enjoy moving about using bicycles and taking it all in.

Bike rentals start at $6 where you can also have a choice of scooters and motorbikes. Areas where you can find bike rentals are Cycle Treks and Cycle BC Rentals. They are found in Warf st. and Douglas st. respectively.


  • And pedicabs too

largeAnother option is to take the pedicab service Bring on the guided tour of Victoria with a pedicab tour guide. They are experts in the field of guiding visitors to explore the places in Victoria.

They offer city tours, garden tours, and customized tours even.


  • Victoria in a glance

Victoria in a glance would tell you that is the capital city of British Columbia. It was incorporated on August 2, 1862 and receives over 3 million visitors annually. The average sunshine each year is  2,183 hours while average rainfall is 66.5 centimetres per year.